“Dave provided high-quality, quick turnaround demos that were integral to our prototype process. They were also designed in a way that we could send them out for online feedback. He has a rare combination of technical expertise with being an artist, and he provides good ideas. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
Daniel Louie, Game Designer

“When Dave interviewed at WMS way back in ‘08, I recommended we hire him immediately. We did, and he was an immediate asset to the company. Dave works quickly, brilliantly, and he communicates with his peers and managers exceptionally well. Who’d have guessed that years later, I’d be working for Dave?! But that’s exactly what happened, and he made it a tremendously positive experience.
Dave introduced me to the world of coding and coding philosophy, but even more, he helped me see that “good enough” is never good enough. Dave constantly seeks out a deeper understanding to anything he accomplishes so that it looks and performs seamlessly on the surface, but behind the scenes, things are just as solid.

Whether as a team player or a manager, Dave selflessly shares his knowledge and looks for ways in which everyone can be a winner.”
Chad Hawks, Art Director

“David’s role at Scientific Games was to produce game demos for designers to do prototype testing on. He was very open minded and willing to tackle any challenge we gave him. He was able to juggle many different projects at once and had a quick turnaround time when new features were requested. I highly recommend David, he is a talented artist and programmer and was a pleasure to work with.”
Elizabeth Carter, Game Designer

“David is excellent at taking complicated or extremely preliminary game ideas and turning them into playable prototypes. He helped to define the essential parts of an idea, to speed up development, and to make sure we were testing the right parts. His work helped us make better decisions.”
Jeremy Hornik, Games Designer

“Dave is one of the best animators i have worked with. He has a sensitivity to motion and design strongly informed by his interest in (and past experience in) video games and emerging online technologies. His background in art and design helps make his projects much more refined because he does sweat the details. Dave is the kind of person you can hand a project to, say go, and expect that it will turn out beautifully. He is talented and dependable, which is a rare combo.”
Jef Leer, Designer

“David is the most versatile creative professional that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s versatile because he has his hands in so many mediums and programs, he can seemlessly flow between them without missing a beat. He’s creative because he is not only an excellent freeform brainstormer, but is also exceptional creating the nuts and bolts that make a game or project come to life. And finally, he is the ultimate professional in that he is dedicated to getting the project done, on-time, and on-budget…whatever it takes.”
Eric Lefeber, Creative Director, Art Director, Interactive Producer

“I have had the pleasure to work with Dave on a number of web and interactive projects. Time and time again, his dedication and determination ensured the project was a success. I would gladly partner with him or work under him again anytime.

Beyond his professional talents (which are many), he is a genuinely nice guy who is a lot of fun to be around.”
Chad Udell, Creative Design and Development